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Cathedral Cabinet
    Mesa De Madera

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   Daisy Chain
   This Burning Valley
   A Green Jade Lake  
   IKEA Circular Hub

About Clay

Mesa de Madera [Wooden Table]

is a study of practical form. 

“It’s not easy to search for the essential elements of form in an artificial object. This is tiring and difficult work, it needs attention and involves long negotiations.”

-Enzo Mari

Sicilian Designer Matteo Guarnaccia and Clay designed Mesa de Madera through a process of digital/analog sketching, 1/8th scale prototypes, and plenty of negotiating.

Using minimal and affordable material with the most practical composition, 6 final tables were built that make a beautiful, and sensible addition to the home or workspace.

Photos thanks to Blanca Guerrero.

12-03-2021 Madrid, Spain 
Handrawn Orthographics with Dimensions. [Above]

1/8th scale basswood models. [Above]

Cut and sanded pieces, pre-assembly. [Above]