Clay Brown ︎

Objects ︎

    Stave Cabinet

    1234567 Shelf
    Island Lamp
    Music Box
    Insulator Lamp
    White Oak

Cathedral Cabinet
    Mesa De Madera

Exhibitions ︎

   Daisy Chain
   This Burning Valley
   A Green Jade Lake  
   IKEA Circular Hub

About Clay


Clay Brown

I am an industrial design student, carpenter, handyman, and artist working and studying out of my home town of Cincinnati, Ohio.

My work comes to life using symbolism and everyday imagery, recontextualized and scale-shifted into functional objects and furniture. This imagery stems from daily observation, childhood memories, cultural, and historical themes. This aesthetic approach is intended to capture a feeling of wonder or mystery, alluding to an alternate life or mythology embedded within the objects I make. I explore these themes through analog methods of making and in-depth material processes.

I am grateful to have expanded my network beyond Cincinnati by working with great poeple in Arizona, New York City, Spain, and Italy.

︎ Resume

Clay Comes With:

- 20/20 Vision
- 2 Opposable Thumbs
- Enthusiasm for learning new things

Contact Me!︎

I would love to have an email chain about your favorite inexpensive foods, preferred color of sock, ideal writing utensil, optimal lightbulb tone, or variety of screwhead, etc.

︎ +1 513 500 3919