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About Clay

Island Lamps

December 2022                                    

The Island Lamp is the first reproducable consumer object by Clay Brown. Developed with a mechanical engineering graduate student (Chris Cooley) and a graphic design student (Sarah Schonauer) over the course of 15 weeks.

Island Lamps are made from 100% cast Eurethane Resin. 7.75x7.75x7.75”

The silicone molds used for casting the plastic were poured over 3d printed forms that went through several stages of patching, sanding, and painting.

The semi translucent plastic shades are hand sanded to 600 grit for a satin finish that difusses light akin to paper lanterns.

The lamps find their form from the “Cincinnati Yellow Lamps” or “Island Lamps” of the 20th Century. The Yellow Lamps can be found within the greater Cincinnati area. the original lampss from the 1920s act as traffic signals that identify a raised concrete island in the road.

20 lamps will be completed by December 1st 2022 for a popup sale in downtown Cincinnati.