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   Daisy Chain
   This Burning Valley
   A Green Jade Lake  
   IKEA Circular Hub

About Clay

Insulator Lamp

Is a one off floor lamp that incorporates localy found industrial waste. This piece invites the user to observe modern waste culture.

Material research

Observing the wasteful within the midwest and specifically in industrial development. The amount of wasted or single use materials is enormous.

A captivating example of this is looking at the history of glass Insulators.


From 1875 to 1930, hundreds of millions of these glass insulators were produced. The largest manufacturer was the Hemingray Glass Company, located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

During the late 20th century, many of these lines were dismantled as technology advanced. These insulators have been replaced by ceramics and acrylic, moving onto new methods of manufacturing , using more material, for the same purpose. All of the glass went to waste.

Ready Made Objects and Found Material

Ingo Maurer
German Industrial Designer

Maurer revolutionized what it meant to be and Industrial Designer, particularly in terms of home lighting fixtures. His colleagues and admirers nicknamed him the ‘Poet of Light’.

Maurers work speaks well to the concept of recontextualizing materials through elegant forms.

Using Maurer and various otherUsing other Industrial Designers such as Miguel Mila, and Joe Colombo as a point of departure, I used Local materials to 
compositions using locally sourced Material.




Material Process

- Glass Breaking
- Kiln Firing
- Welding
- Painting
- Electrical Wiring
- Sand Blasting