Clay Brown ︎

Objects ︎

    Stave Cabinet

    1234567 Shelf
    Island Lamp
    Music Box
    Insulator Lamp
    White Oak

Cathedral Cabinet
    Mesa De Madera

Exhibitions ︎

   Daisy Chain
   This Burning Valley
   A Green Jade Lake  
   IKEA Circular Hub

About Clay

Sorry, I Couldn’t Find the Instructions

Working with IKEA Italia at BASE Milano, Matteo Guarnaccia and Clay Brown created "Sorry, I couldn't find the instructions". Made from repurposed IKEA furniture, this series of sculptural chairs pushes the boundaries of an objects indended use and expected composition, while inviting the viewer to consider the lifespan and waste produced by their IKEA furniture.

Starting with objects coming from IKEA's circular hubs, the areas of the shops dedicated to the sale and purchase of second-hand furniture, 9 Italian designers created an exhibition that underlines the value of creativity in the vision of a human future that returns in line with the resources of the planet. A useful reflection to ask questions about one's lifestyle, an incentive to look at one's daily life with a critical but proactive eye. The exhibition was on display as BASE from December 3rd-17th.