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Objects ︎

    Stave Cabinet

    1234567 Shelf
    Island Lamp
    Music Box
    Insulator Lamp
    White Oak

Cathedral Cabinet
    Mesa De Madera

Exhibitions ︎

   Daisy Chain
   This Burning Valley
   A Green Jade Lake  
   IKEA Circular Hub

About Clay

A Green Jade Lake

is the first exhibition organized by the Institute for Postnatural Studies, a platform for critical thinking, research and creation based in the city of Madrid.

 “The exhibition is conceived as a transit, an overflow of the limits and categories that have drawn the imaginary of the natural. At a time of ecological fragility, this project is understood as a collective process to rethink the relationships between humans and non-humans, ecosystems and their environments. This dialogue gives rise to a constellation of materials, thoughts and situated bodies that includes experience, fiction and artistic work as tools to propose new ways of interacting with the planet.”

- Institute for Postnatural Studies

As an Intern with the Institute for Postnatural Studies from September-December 2021, Clay was able to participate in seminars, as well as  contribute to the design and production of the exhibition in CentroCentro, Madrid. Clay’s contributions consist of the prototyping and production of lighting fixtures and displays.

Gabriel Alonso
Karol Muñozcano Poliwka
Matteo Guarnaccia
Pablo Ferreira Navone
Yuri Tuma
Cristina Artés


Spotlight fixture [See Above Images] Designed and Built by Clay.

5 Text Totems [Above] designed and built with Pablo Ferreira Navone.